Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tip of the Petite Chapeau and a Curtsy

A friend of mine on the facebook posted a link to this. A friend I wouldn't expect to but whatever that's a story for another day, and yes it did make me like him more.

Wow. Meet my new lady hero. She's amazing. Jennifer Livingston I heart the bejesus out of you.

If you're going to criticize a woman's weight ( first dummy mistake) I would make sure she does not have a VERY public and forum to discuss it on, unless you are 100% a-okay with the world knowing you're the type of person who just takes it upon themselves to criticize someone's weight. 

What do I love about this, well let me count the ways:

1. She does not defend her weight. She does not have to. No one's business but her own. 

2. She calls the person a bully which they are and points out how they are reinforcing what is going wrong with kids today regarding bullying. 

3. She stood up for herself in an beautifully articulate way not apologizing for her weight. 

4. She reinforces and sends the message to anyone struggling with their weight you are more then it. Which we all are and can always use a top up in being reminded of. 

5. She admitted while having thick skin being in the public eye the words hurt. Words do hurt and peeps got to be reminded that the internet removing some of the person to person interaction does not remove the sting of hurtful words. Hurtful is hurtful. 

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