Friday, October 5, 2012


Can I go out with a guy who's profile name is fish taco? I think no. Call me ridiculous, (why yes I am ) but ewww. On top of the eww, is not bothering to type out the word you, saying cute pics twice, once in a manner that makes me think you got confused and thought you were messaging someone else and in general your messages make me squirm. Not in a good way. I guess I am not totally hard up yet, or hit fish taco rock bottom.


  1. Good call :-) not ridiculous, yuck!

  2. Not bothering to type out the word "you" is a dealbreaker for me. No question whatsoever.

  3. D- I second that yuck.

    Samara- Yep, if you can't be bothered to spell out you, what else can you not be bothered to do? It does not bode well to me.