Thursday, October 4, 2012

Some Goal Talk & A Giveaway

I've been thinking about goals a lot recently. I've come to the conclusion that vague and somewhat abstract goals do not serve me well. The ever present just "lose weight" is not helpful, or motivating. Sure, I still want and need to lose weight to be healthy but it's not the primary goal. That's selling myself and my goal achieving way too short.

That being said what are my goals? I've been thinking about them a lot and for the medium term because they are somewhere between short and long term these are what I am going to focus on.

1. Consistent food journal'ing. I am on week 3 of everything being written down again. While I loathe it I have been snacking less, and checked in more.

2. Increased awareness in drinking behavior. Not so all or nothing. The boozy mcgee weeks really hamper my goals. Aiming for no more then 4 drinks a week, preferably on 2 occasions, but less weeks where it gets away from me and before I know I've been boozing it up 4 days that week.

3. Lose 10 pounds. I am breaking down the remaining weight into 10 pounds increments. I also want to lose 10 pounds to get out of the weight loss cul-de-sac I've been in. A hard 10 pounds and then worry about the next 10 pounds with no creep back upwards.

4. Take some pants/dresses/skirt risks. I live in black and dark denim pants and I am NEVER going to get over my leg insecurities if I keep enabling them. I don't have to wear bright yellow, but geez some variation would be nice.

5. No work vending machine visits. Seriously. It never ends well or leads anywhere positive.

6. Work on mindless snacking. I have three key issues that hamper my weight loss. Mindless snacking, inconsistencies with alcohol, and lack of food journal'ing. I want to work on all three, just being more aware of how they trip me up.

7. Work out 2 mornings a week to allow for more evening fun time. I am working out with Jesse Friday mornings so I just need to work in one more morning. So far this has not happened minus Jesse mornings.

I am going to focus on these in the month of October, check in weekly and see what's cooking. If I keep to it all month then I shall reward myself with the below gem from Madewell.

I am not a Selfish Sally though, tell me your October goals and then check back in and let me know how you're doing and November 1st someone will get a Madewell gift certificate. Sharing is caring.
I don't love challenges but I do love peeps sharing what they're working on, and giveaways so that's more what I'm looking to do.

photo from and no I won't sport white boots with it. 

Pick either of these two items and we could be twinsies!

I love pony and horse tops. It's a sickness. 

Samara, I know you are not even the tiniest bit surprised I bought this. 

I would love this grey with some neon sweet bow sweater, but alas I cannot win my own giveaway. 


  1. It's on! I've got a crush on that blue dress - it's so vibrant and the perfect antidote to grey skies:)

    I've got three main October goals:

    1. Get to the end of the Hundred Day Challenge without binging. It's Day 70 today and I am so thrilled I made it this far. I've got a sparkly reward waiting for me at the end and I can almost see it twinkling from here:)

    2. No booze, chocolate or crisps (chips) for a month. A bit like you, my rowdy boozy side was taking over and not doing any favours for weight loss, or my wallet. I need to be more mindful of careless consumption and am hoping a month's abstinence will zap my brain out of the "oooh chocolate, must gobble" mindset.

    3. Lose some weight (and fit back into my blue dress by December). The scales has finally started moving downwards again and I've nearly lost the weight I put back on over the summer. I'd like to lose a stone by the end of the year so 4-5lbs in October.

    Bon chance lovely:)

  2. I think goals are wonderful and I have been doing monthly goals since July. For this month I am doing a 30 day abs challenge (150 to 200 a day) and No fast food for the month of October.

    I love the grey and orange sweater :)

    Good luck with your goals! You can do it!

  3. THIS IS AWESOME. You may not have noticed, but the paisley songbird dress has my name all over it.

    This post is also amazingly well-timed because after the last 3 1/2 weeks of Jewish holidays, my clothes no longer fit comfortably. Seriously. I am not exaggerating whatsoever. It's honestly so bad that I'm wearing yoga pants at work today. (Let's hope no one notices.)

    So yes, GOALS! Here are the ones I wrote out for myself last night after finishing off the leftover bagels and ice cream in our freezer and making myself feel physically ill:

    1. Same as you: consistent food journaling must begin immediately. I put away my food journal on the first day of Rosh Hashanah and haven't touched it since. Today is the day that I start journaling again and making myself accountable for my food choices.

    2. NO MORE BINGE DAYS. This is not to say that I won't make exceptions on holidays and special occasions, but the weekly cheat day technique has stopped working for me. You truly would not believe how much crap I am capable of eating in just 12 hours. It's appalling. And no matter how sick I feel at the end of each cheat day, I do it all over again the next week. It's insanity defined. It's DEFINITELY preventing me from losing weight and I think it might be giving me joint pain, too. (Has that ever happened to you? Bread/carb-induced join pain?)

    3. No stepping on the scale until November.

    4. Order Sprout facial cleanser immediately. Eating junk over the last few weeks has ruined my skin.

    PS -- Nope, I'm not surprised WHATSOEVER by the fact that you bought that patterned cardigan, and I'm SO glad you did. It's the perfect cure for the cold-weather blahs that are upon us. (You bought that blue dress, too, right? RIGHT?! The color is to die for. I may need to bookmark it for myself.)

    PPS -- Due to the holidays, my Google reader has been seriously neglected. It looks like I've missed something like ten posts from you over the past couple of weeks. Expect some belated commenting from me this week.