Friday, September 28, 2012

Jewlia Goulia Lives

Did you ever read Jewlia Goulia's blog? She was a very loud and proud voice in the weight loss blog world. She was a prominent character on twitter. I sorta loved hated her. Just being honest. I forget sometimes with people out there I don't have to be their best friends to learn from them or share in their experience.

Anyway she lost a parent, and went through her own rough time 160 pounds down and quit blogging. I was sort of relieved. I no longer had to dread and feel jealous of her presence in social media. I envied she was further along then me, more outspoken, more connected to blogs I admired. I am not proud just honest.

So a few months ago I saw an article in the NY times about a photographer who had been documenting her weight loss. I found the images haunting, beautiful and fascinating. I see another link today on jezebel. Who should the photographer be but Jewlia Goulia. She has another project as well of her dressing room photos which began when she was 338 pounds trying on a wedding dress.

She is remarkably talented and I commend her rawness and willingness to use herself as a subject matter. Everyone knows losing weight is hard, but few know and discuss the aftermath. Her photographs say more then can be explained. I mean I still struggle besides a lot comes with it, things change, your body can look wrecked, I mean none of that has the same impact.

Check it out:

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