Friday, September 21, 2012

This Week's News

It's been a pretty nutty week this week. Some highlights below...

- Worked out with my brand spanking new trainer, Jesse. He's a doll and I am in for an ass kicking. For example Tuesday evening's assessment session left me sore and it wasn't even a full blown work out. Today's 7:30am was no treat and I know he's still easing me in. I am equal parts excited and terrified.

- Saw Bon Iver Wednesday night and got to have dinner and catch up with some of my favorite luscious ladies. Thursday I just dragged my butt around work.

- The pups is not doing awesome. She is not responding as well to chemo as they would like. Her nodes are larger, and on top of it she has a UTI. Poor thing, but she's in decent spirits. She could only do a small dose of chemo this week so we're off to chemo again on Sunday if she's strong enough.

- Big fight with my mom last Saturday remains unresolved and I am finding my way to not let it drive me crazy. It's more her issue then mine. We're having some growing pains as I find myself. She also says ridiculous things that I can either roll my eyes to or be honest about and risk her meltdowns. This time it was her musings on her autonomy and being over being a parent and felt she was done with that.  I unwisely asked when she had been a parent. Not my finest hour.

- Had some Egon run-ins at the gym but few are as good at the deep freeze out as myself. That was not a humble brag but a full out brag. I NO LONGER SEE YOU CREEP-O.

- Food wise, it's been chilly so I've brought oatmeal back in a big way. I also did well with an 8 pack of dark chocolate bars in my apt. Little Hershey's Special Dark ones. I aim to keep my dark chocolate evening intake to 1 ounce, and these are .49 so I get two which pleases me. It was an experiment that went well. They do not always go well with the sweets.

- Haircut tomorrow morning at 11am! Eek that means gym prior so I don't ruin my fancy hair post.

- Thinking about making these recipes: and Lets not act surprised I have another one from Jess. I am trying to healthy these both up a little bit or be very portion conscious not sure....I think 3 tablespoons of butter for an baked oatmeal seems a bit much.

-There's also the fact that I have been hankering for pancakes like you just would not believe. Anyone have a healthy pancake recipe they want to share with me? Be your best friend.

- The True Blood Sookie Stackhouse books are ruining my life. I picked one up in Costa Rica and have now re-read the whole series. I don't want a real fella I just want a Viking Vampire boyfriend. Foot stomp included.

- Fall, fall, fall and fall clothes. I am a happy fall loving chickadee.

Anyone got some big weekend plans? Busting out fall inspired things yet? Tell me please so I have to put down a True Blood book for a second.


  1. Seems like you had a lot of excitment this week! I would love to see a picture of your new do. I am getting bored with my hair but I really want to grow my hair another four inches so I am going to dye it to add some flavour. I am thinking Red would be nice for fall.... Stay tuned.

    P.s I always look forward to reading your blog, I love your writing and they way you see the world.. just say'in

  2. Do it! I love a seasonal hair change. Thanks for the kind words lovey. Made my Sunday eve.