Monday, September 17, 2012

How I Spent Sunday

I had a delightfully lazy Sunday. I should have woken up early. I didn't. I should have worked out. I didn't. Instead I got a massage, strolled with a friend, roasted garlic, did laundry and made delicious sweet potato burgers.

I have such a girl crush on Jess from How Sweet It Is, it's not even funny. I mean I feel like we could be besties. We could spend hours talking about neon nail polish and it's virtues while she fed me all her delicious creations. Her recipes are the ones I am consistently making the most.

This one was another that did not disappoint. Now it felt weird to make sweet potato fries with a sweet potato burger so instead I made a side salad inspired by Costa Rica. Super simple, chopped celery, hearts of palm, thinly sliced red peppers, and lemon juice. It provided some nice acidity next to the burger. I also cannot emphasize enough how good roasted garlic smells or is. I was taking my recycling out and got locked out of my apartment and truthfully I was less annoyed about being locked out, and more annoyed about a door being between me and the garlic. I have big plans for that garlic this week.

Now for the burgers, I used plain ole multi-purpose flour not oat, 1 tablespoon of olive oil for the burgers and the cooking of them, and I hesitate to say this but I omitted the avocado. I don't really like avocado. There I said it. Guacamole sure, but just plain sliced avocado, no thanks. As for the garlic yogurt cream...I am in LOVE. I do not know why a simple thing like this never occurred to me. I am not going to get upset about wasted time I am going to slather this dip on everything I can. I just did fat free greek yogurt, roasted garlic, salt and pepper. I did not blend it because I wanted a little garlic chunkiness.

It's 4:03pm and I all I can think about it is getting through work, my work out and then ANOTHER BURGER! It's a burger sickness.

Don't think. Just make.


  1. Amazeballs:) I am definitely making these burgers this weekend - you may have discovered a genius in Jess! Will you accept burgers as your finders fee?

  2. I absolutely will! I have eaten these all week and still not sick of them. At all.