Thursday, September 27, 2012

Just Shameful

No words for how much I wish I had come up with this but it's also how I feel about my self respect. 

What's so shameful you ask...well it's not that I have been skipping work outs. It's why they have been skipped. I have had a lot going on in the evening so I was trying to work out in the morning. This is difficult to begin with, but I have a new addiction. My name is Anna and I have recently become addicted to mature young adult books. Oh. My. God. They are so cheesy and yet so amazing and compelling. Not one, not two but SEVERAL nights I have stayed up waaaaaay too late to finish a whole book. I am in far too deep. I am checking authors facebook pages for updates on series. I am reading people's reviews to get tips on other series. I need help.

I mean it's sorta easy to see why you get sucked in. You think oh it's just one and it's $.99 or at most $3.99 for a book....the dudes are always impossibly hot and the girls unnoticed until hot boy. Le sigh. I need to stop it because I am already weird enough about dating. This is not going to help matters. It's also not going to help the fact that I already speak like a 17 yr old most of the time.

In case you want to lose hours of your life:

The Breathe series...oh the effin breathe series, how you enthralled and haunted me:

I really hope the author Rebecca Donovan announces when book three is coming out soon. Seriously. I am so far gone.

Happily Crash has a follow up seeing as I stayed up reading the whole book last night, hate to quit cold turkey.

If you don't hear from me rest assured it's because I have been lost to some sort of bizarre-o lady girl land of trying to relive a romanticized teenage/early college youth....sick in the head I am. I would also like to remind everyone that I consider ya'll in the circle of trust so you're not allowed to mock me too harshly or threaten to break up with me like Juice did.

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