Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Roundup

I am in such deep like with fall right now it is not even funny. Saturday was warm, but Sunday was cool and crisp. It was delightful and I just wanted to make out with it. 

Saturday haircut and a lady date was a night and day maker. I let some random dude kiss me. Whoops. Clearly I have some additional growing up to do and decision making skills to work on. He was charming and I had enough vodka to think it was an okay idea. He then pouted when I said I had to go. He was like put your friend in a cab and then come hang with me, we'll go for a nice walk. Uhm does anyone else think it's weird to offer a walk at 2:30am? Nothing says I am going to chop you into bits like a evening drunken stroll at 2:30am. Not for nothing I think this is a new thing guys are doing. He's not the first one to bring up or offer the late night stroll. Either I am meeting many a Jack the Ripper enthusiast or it's a new NYC trend in dating whimsy. Oh she'll think I am all romantic and sweet...not so much. 

I made pancakes Saturday and Sunday morning. I was gonna throw some pumpkin in there, but to keep the nutritional counts a little more reasonable I did the next best thing I poured a ton of pumpkin pie spice blend in there. Same thing no? They were buckwheat and they were glorious. I skipped their suggested honey, and just used low sugar syrup. I didn't miss it or the extra canola oil suggested. 

Hustled the pup off to chemo post pancakes on Sunday. I have a theory that right now because I got a lot going on between life and the chemo pup I am turning to food in a different way. Not so much eating my feelings but nesting and nurturing them. If Dumplin was a human I would be making her soup and renting her favorite movies. Seeing as she is a non-communicative maltipoo I am poaching chicken breast and obsessively cleaning her bedding. I mean who doesn't like clean sheets? I am so far from an OCD person it's not even funny but lately I find cleaning and cooking very soothing. Last night when I crawled into my own clean sheeted bed, knowing the laundry was done, dinner for the week sussed out, and that trader joe's now makes dark chocolate filled with biscoff, I slept like a wee babe. About that for a second....while the pup chemo'ed I went to Trader joes, on a HUGE upside they now sell shaved Brussel sprouts. Ahhhhh-may-zing. I love brussels as a salad. On a HUGE downswing/betrayal they sell dark chocolate filled with biscoff or speculoos. This is like the confectionery equivalent of crystal meth. It's just not nice and all this time I thought trader joe's and I were friends. Friendship over! 

On the healthier shaved brussel's note I love this salad, I mean like I would marry it. It's by one of my favorite chef's Jonathan Waxman and if you can ever go to Barbuto his place lemme know cause I am always down:

On the Thai chicken enchilada note, they were super tasty but I think I would back off on the coconut milk next time. It diluted the sweet chili sauce too much for my liking. I am curious how they will taste tonight after essentially soaking all day and night. I also healthed them up with whole wheat tortillas, and I think I filled them too generously at first 'cause I only ended up with 6 not the recipes 8. Whoops. 

Run away from this. 

Fall bangs are back.


  1. ahahahh. you are too funny. Such a cute blog here, and I love this line about fall " It was delightful and I just wanted to make out with it. ".

    Oh man. Who doesn't wanna make out w/ fall? Love your tale about the random boy too. Because that hasn't happened to me before or anything. Glad you avoided the 2:30 sketch walk - that coulda gone...awkwardly.

    WHy post the choco bar if you have to run away1?! It's SOOOO pretty looking. Seriously. What is inside that? Pure love? Probably. And pumpkin is so low in calories! just add to everything - it'll be healthy and a ton of tasty.


  2. Your fancy fall bangs are obviously irresistible to boys!

    I keep reading amazing things about Trader Joes...maybe one day they'll come to London.

    Have another fabulous weekend lovely.

  3. @ Gabrielle- Agreed, I mean the only thing keeping that from being a more awkward encounter was being in a bar. A 2:30am oh geez. I can't. I CANNOT. The choco bar. I say runaway and save yourself. I was powerless. Speculoos/biscoff is like cinnamon sugar cookie batter and that's what it's stuffed with. Uh huh. Just save yourself or don't. I do not judge people's sweet choices.

    SNS- Lemme know if you ever wanna a TJ's care package. I will HAPPILY spread the word on that one. Have a great weekend to, you lucky duck with your early Friday!

  4. Ha I feel the same way about Spring over here, Autumn/fall is my next favourite but spring is full of life and hope :-) Good job avoiding the 2.30am wander, sounds dodgy!
    Not sure brussel sprouts are in season here but I love nuts in salads so I've bookmarked the recipe.
    I miss trader joe's and am often whingeing about there being none here in Australia, maybe one day!