Friday, November 9, 2012

Week Two

Slowly things go back to normal. While the hurricane was one day really it's destruction made it a bit of a lost week. We all wondered around confused totally shaken out of our routines. On top of everything at work we had our primary workspace and drive, the brain for lack of a better term, was deleted. Little did we know when we got back to work on Wednesday that a hurricane had already hit our department on Saturday night. I am not even dipping into discussing the noreaster that decided to pop up and the night I had to pick up the pup from

So we rebuild. We're patient. We realize it could be worse. We whine, laugh, I offer to do interpretive dance for promos. We decide that's a bad idea. We all complain about hurricane related obesity. We get back on track. There's something soothing about everyone being in the same boat. If your apartment gets flooded it sucks to be you. All of lower Manhattan without power, trains not running from Brooklyn, people with NOTHING in Staten Island, the Rockaways, and jersey and you're all in it together. This city never ceases to amaze me at how great we are in a time of need. I've been here for 9/11, the blackout, and now Sandy. People are good, they are kind, and only gypsy cab drivers remain the scourge of the earth usually.

That being said last Friday when I went to the Knicks game I got REAL drunk. I mean like spectacularly drunk. Me thinks I had just had enough of life, and no dinner. Luckily my Knicks buddy is a good guy. He was amused considering he had to work later then me and by the time we met up I was already lit. Blurrrghhhhhhh. I blame alcohol for also telling him I hooked up with his friend the previous weekend, and that sometimes I had to take a break from him because he is selfish and self destructive. He listened, didn't dismiss my feelings and we hugged it out. I mentioned it before I will say it again he is a good guy. I saw him again Sunday and wanted to sort of peak out from between my fingers like are you sure we're cool and he was a delight. I don't give him enough credit. There's something for me to learn from that.

Tomorrow I am off to Staten Island to volunteer. My dear friend Beth, who I refer to as Beazel is from there and has seen her home borough devastated. If you want to help out, sending things, volunteering, or just take in what has happened please see some of the links below I have posted.

A former co-worker and dear friend lost everything. Including her car in the hurricane. If you've got $5 to spare she could use it.

This is a short film about a girl I went to college with Michelle's experience in the Rockaways.

To help out Staten Island and others I suggest the below links:

One of my fave author's Laurie Notaro's friends lost everything. Not only did they lose everything, home, clothes, cars, belongings, but the husband has terminal cancer and even getting his medication is a struggle. They are currently sheltering in a Fire Station and need help.

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