Monday, November 19, 2012

Body Snark

In improving my own body talk I have tried to be nicer, and kinder in my talk towards others bodies. Keyword here...try. There are a few women at my gym I have known and seen for a while, like years. Two in particular, their bodies have never shifted much. I noticed a few months ago they were making some significant and visible changes. My immediate reaction? Body snarking because I was jealous. 

It's just gross and you know what it doesn't make my body any better, and it certainly does not make me feel better about myself. I tried something different to combat it that was not just self talk. I told the women at different times. "You must be working hard, you look really great." I said what I did because they do. I think I reacted less to their weight losses and more to their healthiness, confidence, and those qualities that are not always tangible like weight loss. The weight loss is the easy part to perceive and put your finger on the rest no so much. 

 What was really cool is both women were profoundly thankful. One lady said, "You have no idea how badly I needed that today. Thank you, I have been trying and I feel like I am not getting anywhere." In turning my body snark a different direction I left the situation feeling better and more positive. We all have our issues and snarking on them certainly does not change mine, and I don't know their story. These women were not parading their svelte physiques to annoy me. They were going about their gym business. Seriously Anna get a grip, don't be a bitch and maybe try being honest and kind to someone, that will get you way further then snark. 


  1. What a great post! I tend to judge other people because I think they are judging me but what a great way to turn things around for you. I am trying to change my self talk as well and it is certainly not easy.

  2. Thanks Joyski! I think people are rarely judging us as much as we'd like to think because everyone's too wrapped up in themselves. Both freeing and a little ick.