Thursday, November 15, 2012

Goal & Giveaway Talk

I didn't forget. It's time for a little check in now isn't it. I can still barely believe November is here much less we're nearing the halfway mark.

Giveaway wise some lucky duck is going to get a $100 giftcard to Madewell. To prolong the suspense because I am a jerk, everyone has until Friday to enter. To "enter" because really I am using that term loosely...just tell me some goals you are working on, or if you already did how they are going.

My goal evaluation:

- Food journaling, I am doing better with this, more consistent. There are days I forget, there are days I write everything in excrutiating detail, but regardless it is happening a lot more. It's a lot more important now because I am working with a new nutritionist and it will help her learn how to help me.

- Increased awareness in drinking behavior. Drinking has ensued but I have kept to my twice a week rule and kept my drinks in check except for that one Friday.

- Lose 10 pounds. Yeah, not exactly killing it on this one. I have however given up my lunch time brownie habit. What started as a oh I'm craving a brownie became a daily habit. No bueno. So that's down with. I have also tightened up the meal planning, and don't faint from shock, not been eating my nightly dark chocolate. I am just trying to be aware of habit vs. actual want. I know I am in the dark chocolate habit.

- Pants/dresses/skirts risks. Doing a little better on this. I bought and have been wearing polka dot pants. I have been dress shopping but nothing has been quit right. Less a leg issue and more a not sure this all.

- The vending machine and I have broken up. I have relapsed once or twice, but for granola bars on forgotten snack days.

- Mindless snacking has not been a huge issue. I am continuing to be vigilant about it and stay on my healthy snacking game versus mindless.

- Work out (2) mornings a week. Nope. Hasn't happened. Not even a little bit. Just Friday am's with Jesse.

So some progress, but my new theme is, is it good enough? No it's not so onward!


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    1. Ooops... accidentally deleted. Re-posted below.

  2. I just had a baby 3 months ago, so I am just trying to figure out how to schedule my workouts into my day again. It's been really difficult now that I'm back at work because my evening time with my daughter has become so precious. The last thing I want to do is lose another hour or so that I could be spending with her on working out. I get up with her between 5 - 6 to feed her, so working out in the morning isn't very realistic. I need to start trying to work out on my lunch breaks again. I used to do this, but it's sort of become my "me" time now. My goal is to start using my "me" time for my workouts, since really, isn't that all about me anyway?

  3. Katy- Congratulations on your baby! I can't imagine the balancing act. Is there anyway to make your "me" time both work out and "me" time? TV catch up, books on tape something to zone out and enjoy?

  4. Thank you! That's a good idea. I need to hook my Roku back up to the TV in front of my elliptical. Then I can catch up on all of the TV shows I never have time to watch when they're regularly on. I also really enjoy going to Pilates classes, so I'd like to try to start doing that again as well. I can't watch tv, etc but it still refreshes my mind & body!