Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Worth reading

I have come across these the past few days and thought they were worth sharing.

I love, love, love Kate at Eat The Damn Cake. She's smart, funny, honest and I have yet to read a post that I did not like or take something away from. I really loved this one.


Just found this blog and it's a visual delight, and has lots-o-good stuff.


My friend Theresa and her friend Tressa just started doing make up and blogging and they are hilarious and amazingly talented. Read about their exploits.


Interesting article on blogging:


Hannah Banana, you continue to inspire and amuse me. This post had me shaking my head in agreement.


Thought this article about a music artist who gave herself a makeover and became more of singing sensation and the music bloggers disdain for it interesting.


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