Monday, September 26, 2011

Very Few Things

Are as annoying as organizing your apartment. The worst part, I need to organize the whole damn thing. Total honesty, I am about 1 bag of junk away from a hoarders episode. I have spent hours today going through the stuff. I am left with a bigger mess then I started with and my allergies going ballistic. The dust is out of control. I am super allergic to dust, as in I will full on bust out in hives and it's been recommended to me that I wear a mask when cleaning. I of course do not have one on hand. I am rocking a Pucci scarf someone gave me as a gift as a cleaning mask. That's how I roll.

My brother happens to be taking Thursday off of work and he is going to come over and help me. This is great but also a little scary because I have a lot to get done to be ready for his pick up services on Thursday. I am also pretty much guaranteed he is going to drive me crazy, but I need help and he's offering. He happens to be a neat freak and great in the home department. It seems unfair I did not get any of that, like not a drop. Not helping this entire situation is I picked up my stuff from work this weekend. I have four more boxes of crap to add to the pile. Great. My old business cards should come in super helpful it was so thoughtful of them to make sure they were included, she said dripping with sarcasm.

I am grateful I have the time to do this. That hopefully I can clean up my act for once and all and create some systems for organization so it never gets to this point again. I am over the chaos. It's not helpful trying to move forward, work from home, or even just feel like an adult. When anyone mentions coming by your apartment and you break into a cold sweat it's time to change.

The beginnings of my color coded bookcase. 

Sorry true crime books. Time for you to find a new home. 

Over it. All of it. 


  1. Color coded bookshelves look awesome tho! Hang in there ;) - and I wanna see when it's completed too :D

  2. Love the colour coding idea and love that scarf. I'd be in the same situation if I hadn't had 7 addresses in 6 years! Good luck