Thursday, September 22, 2011

LA Round Up

Lauren & I. 

I am back from the West Coast and getting back into the swing of things. I spent most of yesterday feeling like a zombie. I got back super late and had to be up super early. Not the most optimal combo. I had such a great time in LA. It left me with more questions then answers but that is okay for now. Something I really took away was while LA may not be right for me as a move there was a lot I can take away from the experience. Life is easier there. There is a huge emphasis on quality of life. Everyone works hard but the point is to work hard to get back to your life. I feel like in NYC long hours are more of a badge of honor. You are more different being protective of your free time and striving to have pursuits outside your career. The work home life balance is not as easy to achieve here, because the support is not as present.

The meetings went well and the business style is very different. It's not as direct as here and I felt like I had a lot to learn if I do want to conduct business out there. I saw a client who is a friend as well and he gave me some great advice. He also said and it rang very true to me, " it sounds like what you want is independence." I do. I very much do want my independence. After years working for people I think I have that much figured out. It's not a lot but it is a start. Between connecting with people I got to spend a lot of time with friends. I got to watch Lauren have a total meltdown at the awesomeness of an estate sale, wander the Fairfax markets, have a tasty reuben sandwich at the grove, go to a BBQ and meet some of her friends, be in a house which is a novelty to an apartment dweller like myself, fall in love with chai tea boba, score some brilliant vintage finds, clear my head and know if I want to, I can live wherever I want and be okay.

I got my resume together, I started brushing up my linkedin profile, contacting people and treading water in this new life. I also felt like my head is clear for the first time in a long time. I am capable of seeing opportunity where it lies, being more inspired by my surroundings and appreciating simpler things and pleasures. Just being able to be in a different city with friends who cooked for me was such a great comfort and boost. I have very little figured out yet. I know I want to be creative and trust in my skills and talent. To have the confidence to represent what I know I have to offer and the guts to pursue it.

Some photos below:

all aboard the party plane, seriously Virgin what's up with the lighting?

I love the views flying out west. I am convinced everything is the Grand Canyon. 

In case you were unsure that is banana bread. Icing infographics. 

Lauren on our am rye bread bakery run. 

adorable house we wandered during the estate sale

cutest breakfast room I have ever seen

Lauren purchased this record player the second we walked in. Then she and our new friend Cheryl tried to make it work.

Lauren's estate sale spoils.

Now I know where to get a surfboard should the need arise. 

View of the hills from Melrose on our way to Urth cafe.

Vintage find. 

Dresser I would have bought had it fit in my luggage. 

buckets of photos of hooters girls. So random. 

Fairfax market, tables and tables full of old photos. This reinforced again to me why you do not take nude photos. Trust. 

Working lunch and heaven. Chai Tea Boba, and turkey sandwich.

Jo and I loading up the car.
Me in a sea of delightful Aussie girls. 


  1. I love the vintage snake bracelet and dresser! I hate it when you see household things like that when you're away from home and no matter how hard you try, you just can't justify buying it and bringing it back home!!
    And yay for Aussie girls (being a delightful one myself!) ;)

  2. Isn't that dresser amazing?! I wish I had the patience to do something like that myself. I was like no really anna where would that go? On top of your coffee table? Yes, yay for Aussies! Seriously some of the best and most positive people I know.