Thursday, September 15, 2011

Coast to Coast Friends

I can not wait to spend time with LJ, even if she is heavily campaigning for me to move to LA. We've had a countdown calendar going because we're 5 yr olds. It's been 100 years since I have seen her and she is super dear to me. She pushes me like few people I know and I let her and every time I let her push me out of my comfort zone I am not disappointed and have to admit she was right. Love hate that. She also makes me laugh to the point of wheezing every two seconds so there's that to look forward to as well. I can't wait to just hang, meet her boyfriend, friends and maybe if we're lucky have some adventures. We tend to always end up in some sort of trouble. Good trouble.

I am also taking several meetings while I am in LA. Two of these meetings have a lot of promise and I have a loose offer on the table. The offer is outside my comfort zone but not my skill set and could keep me out there through December. This has my family panicked I am moving out to LA. I am open to doing it but now that I am leaving tomorrow it's a little more real and therefore a little more scary. There's also the issue of not having a drivers license. I am bitter about that. I really thought I could make it through life without dealing with this. Really did. I guess making it to 31 is not a bad run.


  1. Have a good trip! (or Hope you're having a good trip!)

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  3. Thanks Gen! It was an awesome trip.