Friday, September 30, 2011

A Few Numbers

The great clean out continues and this is where I'm at:

Days spent cleaning 3

Pounds of paper shredded 57 (true story, took it somewhere to be shredded)

Hours spent yesterday with Katie cleaning 14.

Giants bags of garbage/clutter/nonsense taken out 6

Giants bags of goodies to salvation army 6 bags and 2 car runs.

Last night I barely slept. After Katie left I wandered my apartment just so happy at what it looked like. I honestly felt like I had lost 100 pounds and I sort of did. Well at least 57 I can account for. I dialed in details last night and finally made myself get into bed, but I tossed and turned just thinking of how much more I wanted to do and all the potential I saw. Just being able to clear out so much of the clutter has allowed me to see that potential because that huge obstacle is out of the way. I still have some stuff to get done today but pics soon because I am happy to show my home off now!


  1. What an awesome feeling, great fresh start for you I think :-)

  2. I love that you colour coded your books:) Can't wait to see the pics of your lovely, decluttered home sans 57 pounds of paper. x