Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I will if you will

Whenever I get the chance I speak very passionately about what I have done and learned on this journey of weight loss, but when I come here to blog I often go blank. I just have so much to say about it I get rendered silent. Many friends, my nutritionist, and so on have urged me to write, to take advantage of my ability to articulate this experience and what I've learned. Of course life gets in the way but I do try. Trying is a tricky thing because it's almost a get out of jail free card in some ways. my trainer once said, trying is a nice way to say no. In many ways it is. I was speaking to a new found friend who has been a super cool positive addition into my life. We share MANY similarities and in some ways we're at different points in our own journey's. She lives a much healthier lifestyle but has made me see how attainable it is. She hasn't struggled with weight gain but other things, but really any struggle has parallels. I really admire her commitment to healthy living, and really like having people like her in my life these days. I do not need much urging to be unhealthy I definitely need healthy living role models. We were discussing some of her own frustrations at life, and I really did not hold back in my opinions on the situation. I urged her to confront her fears, break things down into baby steps and move forward. Concentrate less on the lofty goals and more on the work. These things have been made so brutally clear to me in the last year and a half. When I feel overwhelmed or like I will never get to where I want to be I remember a year and a half ago my new life started with sneakers and a gym membership and now I don't recognize my life. I also think if I can give someone else a stern talking to about just letting go and writing I certainly should be doing it myself. I mean really....So I write today because I need to. It gives me a place to ramble on about all the these things that still seem so surreal to me. It is utterly surreal to me that in the near future I will have a healthy relationship with food, because I have been able to have a healthy relationship with myself. Not easy stuff, but the most rewarding thing I have ever invested in.

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