Monday, June 14, 2010

Mixed Bag of Nuts

So this past week I have eaten relatively well, there was an incident with some nutella but other then that pretty straight forward. I weigh in tomorrow and I am trying REALLY hard not to get my hopes up. There is that slightly sickie side of me that would like another 5.5 down weigh in. So not realistic, but the fact that you did it once, makes you want it that much more. You sort of have a reason to hope for it because it did actually happen. At the end of the day I will be happy to be down and that's all I ask for. If I am super truthful I would like to be down at least 2 pounds. That sounds fair. Dear lord just don't let me be same, or gasp, up. I HATE hearing up, or uppish. I hate even more when I know it's coming or when I am surprised. Please don't let tomorrow be an uppish surprise, but a down delight. Only time ever I am actively seeking a downer.

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