Friday, June 11, 2010

Things are about to get weird

My nutritionist had warned me this week that I am at the juncture of weight loss where it starts to get weird. Hmmm interesting...I can see that though. Emotionally I feel pretty good and not terribly vulnerable. Physically I am feeling pretty good but of course always looking for more improvement. This week I have dressed better to motivate myself. Wearing clothes that fit properly, and I have decided this is the summer of heels. I started this week with my training heels readjusting and man oh man don't I feel good. You do feel a bit more sassy with some wiggle in your walk. I was killing time before an appointment and popped into Sephora. Somehow I had forgotten I had a gift card. How I do not know haha. Anyway I bought a fire engine red lip gloss. Heels check. Fire Engine red check. Full on sassafrass check. I think I feel good not so much because of weight loss though starting Tuesday being 5.5 pounds down was awesome, but because I feel more connected to myself, my goals, and who I want to be. I do want to be a woman who more often then not has a little wiggle in her walk. Anyway I have been inundated with compliments this week and I am at a place where my weight loss is becoming really visible. I am wearing more clothes which fit properly, letting go of certain crutches, shirts below here, and things of that nature and I am just letting go of so many hang ups. I feel a different pride in my appearance. I may not be where I want to be yet but where I am isn't half bad. It is weird to see people's reactions change, but I feel a lot more prepared and ready for that. I have worked so much on my sense of self worth outside of my appearance that compliments about it just do not carry the same weight they once did. I do not feel my sense of self is any longer tied to what number is reflected on a scale and that is completely worth sashaying my way down 5th avenue.

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