Friday, August 2, 2013

Mixed Bag

This week zoomed on by and lawdy am I grateful for that. I have a packed weekend ahead and I am ready to hop to it! Below's what has been keeping my head above water...

1. I am one lucky duck, Beyonce on Saturday, and then Sunday Beck. SO EXCITED! I saw Beyonce like 500 years ago and she was amazing, doubtful I'll be able to dance it out much but ass shaking doesn't really involve your lower leg. 

2.  My nail art obsession shows very little signs of slowing down. I looove this polish for some at home glamour. I really loved the last one I did but it's big time growing out. Saturday's appointment will probably be Bey (cause we're friends) influenced...

3. I can't stop listening to this song, and the video is purrrrty funny. I heard it in the Movie Drinking Buddies which I thought was sorta snoozy and sad, but the soundtrack is fantastic. 

4. I usually stay away from articles regarding diet and exercise, and popular women's magazines in general. I just can't read  how to lose 10 pounds quick or give the same three tips regarding your vagina and it just makes me feel like I am on the brink of insanity at how condescending the tone is. Anywayz....I thought this article regarding exercise was actually refreshing with a tone of decide what works for you. 

5. When I feel like I need a lil zen, this website helps me. 

6. This girl is 20 and her artwork is fantastic. I can't wait to see what she does next. My favorite is I don't Really Miss You. 

7. These pics strengthen my Icelandic obsession. Will someone please just go to Iceland with me already? Sheesh. Temper tantrum over. 

8. H&M went online yesterday and while the plus size offerings are sad, the kid offerings are not. All my friend's kids are getting these

9. This and this are really lovely sentiments. 

10. Want to see this....badly.

11. What does your birthday mean? 

12. I have a hard time believing in the healing powers of stones/crystals/rocks, but I doooo love these bracelets and if they have healing properties well fantastic. 

13. I want all the watermelon juice. Seriously. Get some. If it's pure watermelon it helps with bloat, is high in vitamin C, lower in sugar then you'd think and sometimes I prefer it over dessert at night. Sometimes. 

14. Wednesday night, I walked too much and was hurting pretty bad by the time I got home so I popped 2 percosets. BIG MISTAKE. I felt gross and I bid on a 18th Century taxidermied Flamingo. Welcome to my apartment I am insane.

15. I have been obsessed with exfoliating and moisturizing this summer but really kicked it up a notch post calf debacle. I soak in epsom salts which are drying so I give a quick scrub with this soap, yes it's expensive but it's lasts FOREVER and it really does change your skin and then I slather on this oil. My friend Aurora introduced to me to coconut oil as a moisturizer 3 years ago on my 30th birthday so it was appropriate for my 33rd that she gave me another jar. 
take it all off

lube up your bod 


  1. I will go to Iceland with you!

    1. Gurrrrrrlllll do not even tease! I will book that ish immediately :) I L-O-V-E your new blog layout by the way.