Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sex in the City Meets Arkansas

Sorry...I have been a little quiet as of late or at least it feels that way. My days consist of meetings, research, writing, the gym, social shenanigans, and coffee. I am off tomorrow though!

I am Arkansas bound! I am going to become a Godmother, which is awesomely exciting. My friend Melissa is my oldest friend in the world. We have been friends since we were two years old. Considering how much I moved around I think it's pretty cool we have remained friends. Melissa is hilarious and quite possibly one of my favorite people in the world, whenever I pick up my phone and hear a super southern accent saying Buh-nan-uh I smile ear to ear and know my day is about to get brighter and funnier. I have been a little stumped as to what to wear while I was there. The weather is about the same as here except much colder at night. I was not sweating it too much until I was talking to Melissa. We spoke today finalizing details, giving her my flight info and she says, " I am so excited for you to meet my friends, I told them it's Sex in the City comes to Arkansas." Well that changes a lot. Gone are my country casual fashion thoughts and hello are my anxious cold sweats. I mean I know it's a casual statement, but it's just funny to me. Melissa despite being a proud mama of 2 boys, being married for a few years now feels more Sex in the City to me then I do. She still goes out, dresses fabulously and has never let motherhood slow her down. I mean this is the same girl who was so excited for her second child to be born she wished she could just take ambien the last two days before his arrival to speed it up. Anyone 9 months pregnant who will admit they wish they could just knock themselves out because they are so excited until their kid is born is a okay with me. She is who she is two kids or not. When we were growing up we played a lot of dress up. I mean a lot. I had sort of an epic collection of dress up clothes, as a pite sized clothes hoarder from a young age. My mom's bridesmaid dresses from her friends were big hits in the dress up circuit. We often would play a version of Madonna. She was always the Madonna of Desperately Seeking Susan variety, a little punk, lace gloves, this was cobbled together by being children of the 80's and an old Halloween costume. I was always the Madonna from Like a Virgin, or Like a Birgin as I said it. I was too embarrassed to say virgin. I did not know what it meant but that it was grown up, and wanted no part of it. That right there in a nutshell is how we meshed and how we differ. We were always at one or the others house growing up. Her family was my second family, and she's my only friend who knew my Dad. Sort of interested to ask her if she remembers anything about him. Melissa always sought adventure and I was always more then happy to comply. One of our family folklore stories is we decided to be pioneers and got ourselves a raft and went exploring in the neighbor's prize winning koi pond. These are two stories that stand out, but Melissa, her family and the times we had are some of my absolute purest and best childhood memories. I love her most for that I think. She always has and will remain a treasured link to the past, and I am lucky enough to still have her in my present.

Melissa always was and remains exciting, slightly rebellious, and up for anything. I am pretty sure it has been at least 20 years since we had a sleep over. Seeing as she was my first friend, sleep over and oldest it's a pretty exciting weekend ahead. Oh and I get to be a Godmother, which I want to be referred to as at all times. Not really, but I am having some fun with it.

Sorry lil bro that you do not have pants on. When not dressing ourselves up a poodle sufficed. 

Melissa and I also did ballet for YEARS together. Sadly I did not have a photo on hand, but this super embarrassing one of me will have to do. 

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