Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thursday's Friday Picks

I am trying not to panic but I feel like total garbage and my oldest friend in whole entire world arrives tomorrow at 10am from Arkansas. Eeeeeeeeeek! I am drinking green juice, taking vitamins, and praying for a wellness miracle. On a positive note if I'm sickie this weekend and living on cold meds, then I have to scale back the boozing. One way to save some calories.

I've been trying to do le tour de interwebz on Fridays, but I am gonna go ahead and do one today. What I've been digging this week below:

1. We're getting mani's and pedi's tomorrow and I CANNOT WAIT. I am an Essie girl and with the weather warming up I want seer your eyeballs hot pink, however I think the below hot coral might be 
a good warm up. 

2. I wanna go to all of these.

3. Yesssssssss 1 month and 1 day to go. 

6. I am going to see this on Sunday. This review made me even more excited. 

7. My reluctance to fully embrace self care made me find this post verrrrry interesting. 

8. Jessie Ware I already hearted you, but then you went and did this. 

9. F-I-N-A-L-L-Y this album is out. 


  1. Love farmers markets, love that song, love those sandals, though it has fast become slipper weather here :-(

    1. Boooo to slipper weather. I always forget we're season flipped. Back to school for me....

  2. I've been to the two Pacific Northwestern entries (and the Union Square one, obvs) and indeed, they are both lovely—though I think the Portland market is nicer than Pike Place, because more of a real farmers' market and less of a boxed-in tourist attraction. Though Pike Place has the advantage of a lawn from which you can look out over the water and eat all the fruits you just bought.

    What's that nail color? I recently had a disappointment with Essie's E-nuf is E-nuf (which, nonsense name), which is less the neon coral I was looking for and

    1. I LOVE the Portland market. Never been to Pike's but heard other's say the same thing.

      Whoops, meant to put the color's name and a link. It's Come Here! One of their newer ones. A lighter neon coral I like to is Tarte Deco, it's more a peachy coral but very fun. When I am not casper white I am a bigger fan of it. I H-A-T-E when you're color disappointed such a bummer.