Friday, November 19, 2010

Plateau or Lazy-o?

I haven't really been on a super losing streak lately. I was not stressing too much about it until I was leaving Marisa's office on Tuesday discussing setting new goals and she said well lets get you out of this plateau first...uhm plateau? That's a scary word in any weight loss journey. Months ago when this really was not a realistic fear of mine, now closing in on the last legs of this journey it is. I truthfully do not think I have plateaued. I think I have not been holding myself as accountable as I should be. I have been trying out some new stuff balancing the social with the health and there's been some wine, missed work outs, short ribs and fun. I have not made mistakes per se but I have also not been 100% focused on losing weight. The good news is this is real life and what I am doing is a life style change not a diet. I have to find out where the traps lie and the good news is I haven't gained weight. Yay to that. This week was back to my more normal schedule so we'll see what the scale says in this debate. I am betting on living being the issue here not physical but who knows. I could be wrong. Certainly wouldn't be the first time in this process.

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  1. Anna, I think your best tips so far were for exercising control on Thanksgiving day. Simple. Use smaller plates! Tony