Thursday, November 11, 2010


When I first started working with Marisa I got lots of homework. Some was easy, or had the appearance of being easy and some was super scary and daunting. I have been cruising along lately. Dealing with things as they arise but nothing too kuh-razy going on. My sessions have been more geared towards refinements and pushing towards the end, and well just wherever we end up that week. Marisa continues to push me out of my comfort zones and this week I got two more assignments. Item #1 I have to work out at least three mornings a week. I had begun to do this a little on my own to try to balance the social and the wellness. It's tough. It takes planning, energy and time I do not always feel like I have. So far this week I have made it to the gym two mornings so it looks like I just might be able to do this. Item #2 was to eat dinner earlier and practice just being in my apartment. Not being frenetic, eating, or out avoiding home. I have to eat dinner earlier because generally I am not getting to it until 10pm. Part of this is schedule. I work long hours, and after the gym, dog pick up and dinner fixing it's 10pm. I have not done much to change this. Anything to avoid waking up early and working out. Getting out of my little bubble of wellness though I have had to incorporate the morning and the earlier dinner. I have returned to the outside world and for the most part I feel good about it, and not afraid of any weight gain implications but I do know I have to be vigilant. Tonight I have a party to attend and then it's home to bed to get to the gym tomorrow morning to make day 3 and first assignment complete.

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