Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The power of memory

I like to snack at night. A lot. I prefer to do this on my own and it be on the sweet side. I have been going cuckoo working with my nutritionist to figure out what significance the damn snacks have. Finally Marisa says, "What about your childhood?", "could it be related to that?" I am of the it's all about your childhood and in the same breath nothing about your childhood it's about who you are now variety. Yeah. It's a contradiction. I keep seeing it really is about your childhood in some cases. Anyway I had one of those moments where you remember something you did not even know you forgot. My Dad used to take my brother and I cruising, mostly on the weekends and would buy us treats we were not supposed to tell my momma about. This was also an international affair, I remember lemon tarts in Paris that were secrets, donuts in Georgia, and gelato in Italy that was not only a secret but breakfast. My Dad had a real pattern of not wanting to be the disciplinarian, so to further undermine my poor Momma it was also an undermining of the nutritional provisions my Momma worked so hard to provide. It would make sense I have an above average attachment to snacking when it's a memory I have of my dead father. Yeah maybe it is all about your childhood or just a love of secret snacks. Forbidden chocolate does always taste better.

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