Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Attempting to not lose hope

I haven't lost weight in 3 weeks. At this point I have to accept this is not a one off. Something is amiss. I think it's that I am burnt out. Losing weight is hard this we know, but changing your entire life, habits, and doing for what you hope is a permanent gain is extremely draining. It is hard to stay motivated and keep yourself anchored in the positive and not feeling like it's all for naught and hopeless. I am please I go to that it's hopeless place far less often and for far less time. That is a positive I try not to lose sight of. I've lost a lot of weight, but more and most importantly in the year since I began this process I have changed in the ways that I wanted and never thought that I would. I though the rest of my days on this earth would be a revolving door of eating disorders and dysfunction, that much I have begun to permanently eradicate and could not be more excited about. This is a new week and will produce a new result forget the past three weeks and just keep moving forward one day, one meal at a time, that is truly doing my best and all I can do.

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