Tuesday, November 5, 2013

So much living too little sleeping

Straight up I am just not sure what to talk about lately. I have all these things I want to write about and then I get overwhelmed and tired.  Life's been busy. Great busy, but I'm tired. Kinda the story of life right? What have I been doing, well why I would tell you when I can do a list!
I L-O-V-E a list.

1. I booked a trip to Australia! Biggest news in my life for realz right now. I'm only going for a week which peeps keep giving me flack for but whatever, I AM GOING TO AUSTRALIA which I yell like a kid with poor voice modulation at least once a day.

2. Okay, I caved and like I predicted have lost my life to Breaking Bad. In two weeks I am up to Season 5. I feel like I am finally part of the club.

3. Sweet potato ice cream with marshmallows. It's amazing and horrible this exists. I want it all the time. GET INTO MY FACE.

4. Basketball is back and in an attempt to better self regulate and self care I am only attending one game a week. Season opener I got home at 4am. This is going to be tricky.

5. Struggling with body image lately. For no reason at all I just feel really self conscious and big. Staying positive minded is tough and a day to day thing I try to remind myself.

6. Reading The Interestings, highly suggest it. So good.

7. Making these, but I generally ditch the bread because I am lazy about buying baguettes.

8. Spending lots and lots and lots of time with my girlfriends lately which has been the bees knees. Aurora and I worked out with Jesse last Saturday, got brunch after and then went shopping. Best Saturday ever. A bunch of us hung out to cheer a friend in the marathon on which was super cool. It was also super cool seeing 46,000 different people running a marathon. No two marathoners were truly a like. Very inspiring.

9. Saying no to things I do not want to do. Not getting the guilts and not being a martyr. Sometimes you just don't want to do something.

10. Trying to figure out how to open myself up more to dudes ( I know, I know this is not new information) and not automatically make guys friends to avoid rejection. I need some risk and rejection in my life.

What's everyone up to? Loving fall? Already in winter? Does everyone love the embellished sweatshirt trend like I do? Seriously...it's a problem.


  1. OMG that ice cream sounds amazing!

    You sound genuinely happy, which makes me happy. :). Happiness is not about perfection and I love that you seem to be embracing that.

    Love your posts so hard! :)

    1. The ice is Jeni's which is truly spectacular. I don't eat ice cream very often so now I go for the good stuff and it's totally worth it.

      You're such a sweetface, I can't deal. I appreciate that my happiness makes you happy. What a lovely sentiment.

      I hope you're happy these days to :)

  2. I love lists too!! Seems like you are loving life :) I am happy for you... Sweet potato ice cream... interesting lol I wondering if It is available in Canada..

    1. It's Jeni's the ice cream, they do ship...sorry I'm not sorry for telling you. It's that good.

      I guess I'm choosing to love more of life. It's easy to get bogged down and there's so little you can do about any of it right?

  3. Lists are my FAVORITE.
    1. Ohmygodohmygodohmygod. When?!
    2. Ugh, should I just give in and watch? I've been resisting.
    3. WHERE CAN I FIND THIS?!?! You know how I feel about sweet potato.
    I am...
    1. Definitely loving Fall. All the pretty colors!
    2. A little torn on the embellished sweatshirt trend because I can't figure out the footwear aspect. Are pointy flats too dressy? Are chucks too casual? I need help.

    1. 1. 12/26-1/4 49 days!!!!!
      2. Just do it, you won't regret it. Season 1 takes some time, I was totally hooked by season 2.
      3. It's Jeni's whole foods?
      4. #alltheprettycolors
      5. DO IT, I wear flats or sneakers, depends on how fancy the sweatshirt. If it's embellished then flats. If it's type but well fitted then my nike frees.

  4. It's good to find you again and I hope you and your family are doing well. Please give them my best. As for Breaking Bad: best TV experience I've ever had. Looking forward to "Better Call Saul".