Monday, February 20, 2012

Sometimes I Just Do Not See It

Do you ever get so hung up on the people who let you down you forget about the ones who don't? I do. I had a nice little reminder in that this weekend. A friend sucked big time and let me down. Not the end of the world by any means, and I stood up for myself and told them it was not cool by me. That was a lovely victory.

Anyway Saturday night fresh off a letdown I went out with my friend Kim and her lady friend. We went to see Zola Jesus and it was an amazing show. It was not just an amazing show but it was a great overall night. Kim is one of those friends I can always count on. I really can. She's a doll. I decided not to dwell and color my evening over someone else and to enjoy the night with someone who is dear to me. I woke up Sunday a little worse for wear and my belly hurt from laughing. I will laugh about some of our shenanigans for days to come.

Another friend who is also a co-worker I have known him for 9ish years had my back hard core this weekend. I have been working through the weekend and he has stuck with it. Despite losing the will to live Saturday night, and us both coming in and out of frustration I know I can trust him to stick with me. When I go into production battle he has never not had my back.

Those who have your back are worth it, those who will let you down without a thought not so much. This is not the new information but what I thought about is what the it is. These are the people worth your blood, sweat, tears and authentic self. Everybody else, well I am starting to put a little more of a probationary period into effect. I don't want to and lord knows I am not trying to build any more walls or defense mechanisms. My point is more why should someone who has known me for 6 months get the same treatment as someone who has known me for close to a decade and done right by me in all that time. They shouldn't. Takes time to build that up and letting me down does not build it up that's for damn sure. It's easy to deal with the letdowns though when you take a second to appreciate all the people who don't let you down and never have. They're the keepers and the ones I should continue to invest in and give my best to.
I swoon at Zola. 

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