Sunday, February 12, 2012

Basketball & I

I am not sure I have ever talked about this before, but I love basketball. Love it. I am a huge fan of the Knicks. I try to make it to games as often as I can. Luckily I have a friend who is a ticket broker so I can make this happen. You may or may not have heard of Jeremy Lin. Last week he had a pretty major week in the press and on the court. He's unbelievable. I got to see this Friday night.

The energy at Madison Square Garden was amazing. People were so excited to see Lin play. The guy we've all been hearing about. I love a good underdog story and sports loves it to. This is a Harvard Grad who literally did not give up until he made it off the practice team and into the starting line up. He's made it and he's playing a huge roll in the Knicks winning streak. I went to the game Friday night with one of my guy friends and it was interesting when we were discussing athletes. We came at from such different perspectives. I think part of what fascinates me about athletes is how they have to trust their body. They have a level of trust I can just barely fathom. I would never be able to rely on my body for how I earn a living. They trust theirs implicitly.

I was thinking about this and how often I think my body betrays me. When I feel like I am getting sick it's because my body has turned on me, not because it's cold and flu season. My knee was a little wonky the other day and I was annoyed with it, not thinking about the dance party I had partaken in wearing heels. It's always my body's fault and not my unrealistic standards for it. I try not to ask myself to be perfect. I accept that my body will never look perfect because well what is that, but why do I expect it to act perfect? I mean I am far from a clean living my body is a temple kind of lady so why would I expect my body to not be tired, to not have aches and pains, or to not succumb to illness?

The closest thing I have to an answer is become for the most part my body does right by me and I take that for granted. It's let me be well over 300 pounds and not have health issues, it's let me lose a good portion of that weight without complications, it's healed quickly from surgeries, it got me through cancer, it has very much done right by me. I have few chronic health issues, and the only ones I do have are allergies and anemia and these hardly impact my life and are easily dealt with. I am very lucky. I hugely take this for granted and should maybe just maybe say thank you every once and a while.


  1. Beautiful post. You have so much insight into your relationship with yourself. It is inspiring to me. I need some inspiration :)

  2. Kelly - Thank you, I really appreciate you saying that. Very kind of you.