Monday, August 23, 2010

When Being Mouthy is a Good Thing

I have a dear friend who is incredibly smart, motivated, and not afraid to tell you it like it is. I was speaking to her Saturday just catching up and we started discussing weight gain, American food culture, and emotional eating. She came from the viewpoint that it's about education. I am what I would consider well educated. My parents hugely believed in education and when it came to my brother and I they invested in our educations. My mom also bless her heart did her best to teach me good nutrition, no snack food, excess sugar, everything made from scratch was how I grew up. So how did I end up morbidly obese? My brain is whacked is the simplest answer. Somewhere along the way my wires got crossed and weight gain was the symptom not the problem. Food became my voice and outlet, it was how I controlled the conversation of what I could not say. Discussing this with my friend and explaining to her how it is not about nutritional education so much as it is disordered eating led her to urge me to speak on a larger platform about this. I wish more people knew there were more resources out there beyond gastric by pass and diets. There is a way to change your life and gain control of your eating habits, this is attainable. Now I just have to use my mouthy ways and gift of the gab to channel my passion for this topic into another arena. I will have to be public about all this which is scary, but I think it is something I am ready for. I will never completely leave this journey behind, but as I move forward I can direct the conversation and how I do that can be not identifying as overweight or feeling embarrassed about my past, but trying to help others who may want to do something similar as me.

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