Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Oh Hey There

Wow I've been away for a while haven't I? It's one of those things where the more time that went by the easier it was not to do.

Life's been good and just cruising along. I went to Australia, and Paris, I've been interviewing for another job. I had a brief weird guy moment. I've been learning. Always learning. What I've been learning is that the changes we make are often not these huge things they are these shifts. They're these tiny little things that start to add up and can probably only be appreciated by you. Not the sexiest thing but so worth marveling. 

I see it in these weird places with my mom it's having the patience to say I don't define or subscribe to the same beauty ideals as you. In a job interview asking why am I here? For the record I did not think I was right for the company but then learned I am. For the dude it's realizing he doesn't like himself and therefore can't like me. What all of this has in common is a subtle shift of not thinking it's about me, a reflection of me or my worth. It's also not being afraid to take care of myself and state what I need.

As for the weightloss I've been killing it at the gym and eating wise I've been doing well. I'm again learning things. Maybe some days I don't automatically need to have a snack because it's snack time. It's the little things. I've been doing the little things and learning their value. 

Overall I'm good, rattling around in my head. Missing you all and ready for spring. Catch me up loves, what's new? What's the best? The worst? The worst to me is snow predicted for tonight. 


  1. Hey, good to hear from you again! I missed your posts :)

  2. Great self-realization. I think it took me years to figure out that some moments in my life were "shifts." I like how you put that and your outlook on that!