Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Werrk & Work

Man it's been a minute now hasn't it? Sorry for my absence. I've been super busy at work and at life. Summer just seems to be lazy and incredibly busy at the same time. I am a little spent so a hot list below!

1. I am really pushing myself towards intuitive eating and so far so good. Weight is down, freak outs are minimal. I am also enjoying my food a lot more, and feeling less guilt. So far so good. 

2. I went to the ballet last Friday. Elba had never been to the ballet before so it was double magic. 
Can you handle Elba's shoes? I can't. 

3. I am putting together a group of my friends to hopefully write and work together. It freaks me out a little but it's a step closer to what I want to be doing. Yay! I also signed up for a class. Makes me a lil squirmy but such is life. 

4. My runner's knee seems to be healing. Anyone got any advice or experience with this? I want to get back to running, but I don't want my knees to hate me. Le sigh. 

5. I am obsessed with my cheapie sunglasses I bought. 

Ahhh! Shapes on my face! 

6.  I read this and have yet to stop thinking about it. I chase a lot of people I am an option for not a priority and I think it consistently gets in the way of me moving forward. Petit epiphany. 

7. This guy I had been going back and forth with for months on the interwebz popped back up. He seems cool so I agreed to a drink and gave him my number. One step away from the BS fellas, one step towards the nice ones. I have of course not heard from him yet. Ugh. 

8. I am OBSESSED with nail art. Got a Calgel glitter gradient mani over the weekend. Planning my next one. My friend Aurora and I drank wine, and ate beet and gorgonzola risotto balls while we looked at nail art photos planning our next ones. We are 15. 

Sparkly nubbins' 

Thinking something like this next time. 
9. I cannot stop eating the Hebrew National 97% fat free hot dogs. I have them for dinner with really fancy side salads. Makes me laugh. I also cannot stop drinking Moscow Mules. Ginger beer, lime & vodka what a refreshing revelation. 

10. I am obsessed with this little girl's dance moves, it's so wrong and so right all at the same time. 
She's my summer dance inspiration. 

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