Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Lil Bit Tapped

Wowsa, the past few weeks have been completely nutso. I am working around the clock and when I am not working I am trying to fit everything else in. I am trying to be more vigilant about taking care of myself when busy. The absolute first thing to get thrown out the window is self care. I will live in chaos, eat out of boxes, and run out of clean pants so fast it still sort of shocks me. As the title suggets I am tapped. I am currently working this Sunday in my comfort hoodie and beloved yoga pants from Old Navy. I am sexy personified. Below is what I have taken away, been up to, and dealing with lately:

1. I have to prepare. This is most important in regards to snacks. If I do not have snacks on hand I am in a bad way. Raw almonds I heart you for your portability, no need for a fridge and filling ways. I have also had a snack love affair with apples, string cheese, cut up veggies with measured hummus.

2. I successfully food journaled last week! Woo hoo! Been a while since I kept a very honest and detailed account of what I am eating.

3. I like dip. A lot. Katie and I had an evening in of dip and catching up. I made this low fat buffalo chicken dip. It's delicious. Doesn't look too pretty but trust me it's good if you like this sort of thing and I do very much. It was also fun when a gust of wind almost whipped it out of my hands before almost smacking me in the face. Dinner and an adventure. I suggest if you are going to make a meal out of it a la Anna & Katie style you had another cup of chicken into it. 
Not pretty, but 100% delicious. 

4. Post dip dinner we had 2 more of my obsessions. Cherimoyas and ginger candies. Cherimoyas are delicious, tough to describe in flavor, but a word of caution...They are high in calories. If you can try to split one, or know that your fruit snack could have up to 200 calories depending on the size of it. You get a ton of nutrients, even protein in these, but it comes at a caloric cost. I want to think of fruit as a freebie snack/dessert but it's not and the sweeter the better so I have to keep that in check for me.
These are my favorites. Great for a post lunch sweet treat. 

Behold the cherimoya!

5. I bought this dress at anthro. A size smaller then I have been wearing in dresses. I may or may not have done a dance of delight in the dressing room. I also treated myself to new workout pants from the gap. I love them and my old ones were too big and I could not keep them on. I may or may not have continued wearing them to give me an excuse not to run. Sorry can't run my pants will fall down...I also treated myself to new undies from the gap, seeing as I needed them and they were 50% off that day. I have a total soft spot for their underwear. I got a nice assortment of cotton for the gym and some ridiculous neon for my personal delight. Aren't you glad you're up to date with my underwear?
Pop some leggings under this and insta adorbs. 
6. Not much cooking in my personal life honestly. The gym, yoga, life prep, and occasional social things are keeping me busy. Not much time for anything else honestly. A fella I had wrote off a while back has sort of come back around and it's interesting. I feel like we're going in reverse. We're friends already but we used to be drinking friends really. We're actually getting to know each other now. It's a nice distraction some days.

7. The writing has been so ignored the past few weeks. I have to work on that.

8. Today is my brother's birthday. He is 29 and still not speaking to me for reasons I do not know other then generalized everything wrong with me is my family's fault. I don't even know where to start with this. I want to be empathetic but I also want to smack him and tell him to grow up and take some responsibility. Maybe it's best we're not speaking. I still call and leave voicemails but nada in return. Sigh. What can you do? Patience and time I think.

9. 17 days until show! I have learned pressure is huge emotional eating hot button for me so I am learning ways to stay on top of that. Deep breathing from yoga has been a huge help. I close my eyes and breathe for a moment or two. It gives me a second to just create a little space to remain calm. I know, I know, I know deep breathing is not a new idea and everyone and their mom suggests it, but I am going to as well. It actually serves to bring your heart rate down and calm your nervous system and so when I start feeling a little cuckoo and want to self medicate, cookies, chocolate, handfuls of almonds oh my! I take a breath and get some composure. I am also gaining confidence is seeking the information I need to be at ease. Not tip toeing around things, not saying I don't want to bother them. I am a info seeking machine. It's the best way to keep my anxiety at bay about what is actually expected of me. If left open ended we're leaving it open for everyone to be disappointed.

10. My trainer is using my love of the knicks against me. He has changed my plan and we're doing a lot of different things and he is really pushing me, when I react he says, "What would Lin do, or Novak?" I sort of love it. I also like that he regularly refers to someone at my level as athletic, strong, and that I keep him on his toes because of how quickly I progress. I never thought I would hear those sort of things associated with myself and it's pretty darn cool.

How's everyone else living these days? Busy busy? Ready for Spring?


  1. Sounds crazy but busy can be good. I love the old Navy yoga pants, I have so many pairs, different sizes, lengths and colours, love the way they sit on my hips perfectly.
    Congrats on the food journalling, so hard to keep going, so boring, but worthwhile.

  2. I laughed so hard when I saw that caption under the Cherimoya. Very funny. I am interested in trying that it sounds great! Congrats on the downgrade in dress size, that is seriously the best.