Monday, March 19, 2012

Damn You Girl Scout Cookies

I have been trucking along pretty well with the weight loss. No major losses but I have been steadily losing. I have been SUPER proud of myself despite being very stressed, short on time, and very tempted to eat my feelings I have not. There have been some not so great choices and eating moments for sure.

Today was a perfect storm of two things. The event I have been working on for almost 3 months is tomorrow. For the most part all is well in that land. Well it was until I noticed 3 videos we'll be showing had technical problems I thought we had solved. Bummer. Even bigger bummer the person I am counting on to help me was despondent about it. Not so good. This was not enough to push me over the eating edge. What all this coincided with was the arrival of girl scout cookies and LOTS of them in the office. I also had lunch about 2 hours too late despite careful planning. I inhaled tagalongs and samoas before I even knew what was happening.

Needless to say I feel a little gross and the boxes have been hidden. When in doubt have a friend hide your cookies.

I'm just a little cookie that fosters courage, confidence and character according to the side of the box. 


  1. At least you stopped and got them out of harm's way! I'm the same - my best friend who lives round the corner keeps a stash of chocolate, lollies and cookies that I can't help buy every now and again!

  2. Ugh, when I was home last night I was thinking geez I really would like a cookie. Sometimes I wanna detach my head from my body...I ended up giving a bunch of unopened boxes to the guys who were doing the video load in overnight. You would have thought I gave them boxes of gold. I thought they deserved to eat some feelings since they work through the night and then go straight into show.

  3. GIRL SCOUTS ARE EVIL. Seriously, this exact photo could have been taken at my desk last week. And as you may have already guessed, I had to make Kevin hide the Tagalongs as soon as I got home. (Peanut butter might be my Achilles heel, but combine it with chocolate and I turn into a full-blown crazy person that flings spit at innocent bystanders as I inhale cookie after cookie.)

  4. Samara- Your comment made me laugh out loud and hard for at least a few minutes. The flinging of spit at bystanders after inhaling cookie after cookie was a stroke of peanut butter chocolate fueled genius.