Thursday, October 21, 2010

What a difference a day makes

Yesterday I was buying coffee on my way into work when I got a text from my friend that the video I did for was live. I thought I was prepared for this news but I really wasn't. Part of me wanted to forget the coffee and flee to the nearest computer. I took a breath, waited for my coffee and strolled as casually as I could to the office. I really do not have that many reservations about opening up my life and struggle, because it's been an overwhelmingly positive experience. It is still super weird to think that over 800 people have watched me share something incredibly personal. Hopefully one person will take away from it that their goals are attainable. Especially in this arena education is key. When food is your outlet and has taken a larger role life in your life then it should be told to diet, or just eat less, or exercise more is just not helpful. I think most people understand the basic principles of weight loss, but they do not understand why it doesn't work for them, or why they gain and lose the same 30 pounds. The unhealthy relationship with food is a tough cycle to break but far from impossible.

In other news I have stayed on a losing streak which is exciting. I hope this continues and I will be at my goal before I know it. I have been sickie this week so I have not been working out that much but trying to do my best. Marisa has two orders of business for me this week, get a physical to see what my blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar has done post weight loss, and find a cooking class. I tend to get into food ruts. For two reasons, 1. I get hooked on things, and have a very addictive nature even healthy things, and 2. I get into safe zones of eating. I have to start branching out and knowing I can trust myself with all my new skill sets to maintain my portion control, honor my hunger/fullness, and not burn the kitchen down.


  1. I watched! It's awesome that you've got this opportunity. I'm sure it's going to be super insanely weird to adjust to at first, but you'll do great and you have a lot of support out there! :)


  2. Thanks Victoria! So far it's been pretty awesome and lovely, thanks for your kind words.