Monday, October 18, 2010

Dear Junk Food

We have to break up. It's been a long affair but I know you are just no good for me. I have been off processed food now for some time. Several months, and I hate to admit but I feel better. Food does taste better, fruit sweeter, and even sugar. I quit using splenda and I have been amazed at how much sweeter things taste to me now. I gave up desserts recently, and now wine tastes like liquid cake. Pretty amazing really. I still have a hankering for junk on occasion but now that I have stayed away from it for months it is so much easier to not fall back into the cycle of having it, wanting more of it, and so on. Below are my reasons why I now no longer eat processed food, not because I know I shouldn't but because I do not want to. Progress!

1. This is vain, but so be it, my skin looks infinitely better when not eating processed food. I also have more energy.

2. Fruits and vegetables taste much better then cleaner you are eating.

3. Natural/Cleaner foods are more nutritionally dense and I stay fuller longer, yippee! Love me some nutritionally dense foods.

4. Natural sugars taste way sweeter without artificial sweeteners, and hyper sweetness of refined sugar. Seriously drink your coffee, tea or what have you without any sweetener in it for one week and then add (1) sugar in the raw packet to it, guarantee it will still taste sweet to you.

5. Reduced headaches, not everyone has headaches, I do and they are better without the junk, same with my allergies.

6. Cravings way more regulated. If I crave sweet fruit, yogurt, and other options way more viable, your body does not actually want candy. Candy is just manufactured to make your body want it. Most food producers are jerks. They do not have your hips best interests at heart.

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