Thursday, April 15, 2010

Long Time No Blog

Lots of weight loss goodness has abounded. I continue to struggle and remind myself to check in and remain present. It's easy to say harder to practice. I have been having some really good losing luck. Last week I had a fantastic week and lost 7 pounds. Previously I would have felt like I prayed to the right gods for that result. Now I know I watched my snacking, really minded my hunger fullness, and I bumped up my cardio. Getting closer to my goals has really bolstered my motivation. It seems like my goals are within my reach. The real thing that is going on that is really cool is I feel less and less like I have to prompt myself and more like what I have learned has been incorporated into my life. This feels amazing. My ultimate goal was not just to lose weight but to learn how to live a healthy balances lifestyle. My previously skin tight jeans starting to sag is just a really awesome bonus.

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